Hatsumi Taikai

We invite you to the second MERS tournament in Kraków!

Hatsumi Taikai


  • Date: 17th-18th February 2024 (Sat-Sun)
  • Place: Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies, Stanisława Łojasiewicza 6, 30-348 Kraków, Poland
  • Ruleset: EMA Riichi 2016
  • Hanchans: 8
  • Entry fee: 150 PLN (35 EUR), paid by bank transfer (make sure you cover all the bank transfer fees, if any!):
    • Deadline: 7 February 2024
    • IBAN: PL13 1140 2004 0000 3802 8180 7241
    • Account owner:
      Stowarzyszenie Krakowski Klub Chombo
      ul. Grota-Roweckiego 31/13
      30-348 Kraków
    • Reference:
      <name and surname> - Hatsumi Taikai registration fee
    • It is possible to use the Polish Mahjong League membership discount - if you wish to take advantage of this, please indicate this in the pre-tournament form and simply send us a transfer for the amount less 30/50 PLN, depending on which discount you are entitled to (30PLN if you pay the reduced fee of 50PLN before 31 January 2024, 50PLN if you pay the regular fee of 100PLN). Please note that you must be an active PLM member with your membership fee paid.
  • Participant limit: 84
  • EMA Observer: Michael Gürtl-Dusleag
  • Referees:
    • Michał Herda
    • Mateusz Maćkowski
    • Fabien Sacha
    • Szymon Nowicz (playing referee)
  • Lunch: included in the entry fee
  • Prizes: trophies for the first three places, club merchandise for the first 10 places

Scores will be tracked using Mahjong Tracker - players are advised to familiarize themselves with the app before the tournament.

With representants of 8 different EMA countries and a total number of 84 contestants, the current MERS tournament ranking is 3.5 (with 4.0 being the maximum).
This statistic updates automatically. The details on how the weight is calculated can be found on the EMA website.


Saturday, 17 February
09:45-10:00Opening ceremony
10:00-11:30Hanchan I
11:50-13:20Hanchan II
13:20-14:45Lunch break
14:45-16:15Hanchan III
16:35-18:05Hanchan IV
19:00-24:00After-party — T.E.A. Time Brewpub
Sunday, 18 February
09:00-10:30Hanchan V
10:50-12:20Hanchan VI
12:20-13:15Lunch break
13:15-14:45Hanchan VII
15:05-16:35Hanchan VIII
16:45-17:15Announcement of results, closing ceremony

How to get to the tournament

Commute map

Generally speaking, we recommend taking a tram. Depending on your exact location, the connection can be direct, or may require you to change the tram on one of the stops. The stop you should arrive at is named Ruczaj and the following trams will take you there from the main train station:

  • Tram 52, direct connection with around 22 minutes of commute time
  • Tram 3 → 18, also ~22 minutes of time, but includes a change of tram
  • Tram 50 → 17, longer commute time (32 minutes) due to the route

After leaving the tram, it will be just a 5-minute walk to arrive at the final destination (Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies).

If you want to drop by a shop, we can recommend getting off 1 stop earlier, on the Norymberska stop. There is a supermarket just next to the stop. (Please note that because of Polish laws, it will be closed on Sunday)

The tournament venue also offers a free of charge parking space.

Directions to the tournament site from public transport stops:

In case you need more detailed instructions, you can use https://krakow.jakdojade.pl or https://maps.google.com — both offer free help in Polish and English.


NOTE: Currently, the tournament is full — however, you can still sign up for the waiting list and participate in the tournament if any of the registered players drop out.

Register here

ATTENTION: Registration will be closed on January 31st — it will be the last day to submit your application.


Last updated: 2024-02-17 15:37

NrNameNicknameCountryEMA IDFee
1Maciej SzostakCraixPoland19000182
2Aleksander OrlikowskiOlsonPoland19000175
3Jakub CieślikBobcatPoland19000162
4Michał Tkaczyk Poland19000168
5Dominik JarnoDokkuPoland19000035
6Adrian FornalikMikuPoland19000120
7Martyna Jędryczka Poland19000102
8Luna Świątek Poland19000143
9Paweł KrukKrukerPoland19000111
10Nina Popławska Poland19000071
11Szymon Lasota Poland19000011
12Maria BaranowskaMarysiaPoland19000007
13Bartosz Żuk Poland19000006
14Mateusz Woźniak Poland19000003
15Sergio Matos LimaPommekoPortugal12990014
16Jakub TitowTribellPoland19000145
17Michał Waliszewski Poland19000171
18Artur LibichIzumiRaitoPoland19000039
19Aleksandra MalarzOlaPoland 
20Alex GradMirontyPoland 
21Olga Igarashi Poland19000087
22Jacek Spychala Poland19000141
23Konrad MarciniakkaemPoland19000174
24Szymon Nowicz Poland19000140
25Ula Szudlich Poland19000144
26Sonia Borysiak Poland19000042
27Jacek Borysiak Poland19000032
28Paulina KakubazozolPoland 
29Elmar MohsenzadaTinkerbellAustria01000154
30Marek Minias Poland19000139
31Sveta Yaremenko Ukraine21000055
32Maksym IvanovUlidtkoUkraine21000015
33Tomasz DąbskiUlleiPoland 
34Marta Grajkowska Poland 
35Krzysztof DabrowskiForystPoland19000157
36Kateryna KondratenkoСовiстьUkraine21000072
37Ken Nico Schultheiss Germany05100182
38Christopher Mielke Germany05000009
39Arnaud Wolf France04160112
40Paweł PolańskiHavelockPoland19000041
41Oleksii Bezuhlyi Ukraine21000068
42Jakub RogalaRogalPoland19000156
43Dawid KamińskiKamieńPoland19000194
44Junjie Wei Austria01000148
45Marta KochańskaVapiPoland19000184
46Karolina Horbaczewska Poland19000193
47Mateusz KamińskiMathisPoland19000196
48Iwona Bobrek Poland19000195
49Roman Powęzka Poland19000093
50Tomasz Powęzka Poland19000085
51Jolanta Liberska-Adamczewska Poland19000101
52Janet Wissuwa Austria01000147
53Alexander DoppelhoferFlyAustria01000013
54Kunyan Zhao Austria 
55Varvara Kulhayeva Poland19000146
56Mateusz Wieczorek Poland19000191
57Shu Hasegawa Poland19000170
58Grzegorz TkaczykdzitraksPoland 
59Alex Leung France04160110
60Ksenia Trishina Sweden09990127
61Marcin KurekKurajPoland 
62Joanna Patalon Poland19000062
63Justyna Rak Poland19000063
64Victor Savard-Arseneault Canada 
65Kevin Arighi YusharyahyaKevinSweden09990156
66Michael Gürtl-Dusleag Austria01000125
67Mariusz KrauseVoxPoland 
68Maciej Wrześniewski Poland 
69Hubert Żmurko Poland 
70Natalia Mecner United Kingdom11990138
71Anton Yarchuk Ukraine21000016
72Krzysztof Sośnicki United Kingdom11000021
73Jędrzej Adamczewski Poland 
74Elias Boutaleb France04160115
75Jakub SzpyraKuboxxxxxPoland 
76Raziya BizhanovaShiroBelarus20000012
77Vitalii Balaniuk Ukraine21000005
78Tatsuya Igarashi Poland19000091
79Maksim Amelevich Belarus20000006
80Uladzimir TananushkaUladzBelarus20000003
81Tatsiana Mikhalchenya Belarus 
82Bartłomiej Żok Poland19000124
83Aliaksei Yurechka Belarus 
84Dominik Pawelec Poland 

Waiting list

Players will be moved off the waiting list if any of the registered participants drop out. This will be done on a first come, first served basis.

NrNameNicknameCountryEMA ID
1Mariusz Stanaszek Poland 
2Julia Buła Poland 
3Konstantin PakshaevDerinovNorway23000005
4Mannokaran ZageethZaikeFrance04160108
5Chris Luntraru Romania25000008